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Sal Manzo Plumbing and Heating, welcomes you to our new company store. We now can offer”our do-it yourselfers”, a full line of over 200 hundred American made Wolverine faucets, which are only available only for the Plumbing trade, not available in any stores.
          All Wolverine faucets come with a 100 year cartridge warranty, this washer less, ceramic disc, 35 MM cartridge, is the heart of all the Wolverine fixtures.
          We at Sal Manzo Plumbing and Heating want you our customers be to be totally satisfied with our Wolverine products. If you have any problems with a wolverine faucet, Sal Manzo Plumbing and Heating will honor the Wolverine warranty.
          By doing this, you the customer can deal directly with us not the manufacturer. HELP IS JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY at Sal Manzo Plumbing and Heating, for any or all warranty problems. 


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Helpful Plumbing Hints
Know Your Home
1. Don’t pour liquid grease or oil down the drain.

2. Use biodegradable soaps and detergents.

3. Open and close your valves once a year to ensure that they are working.

4. Avoid using caustic drain cleaners and try using a plunger first.

5. Keep your laundry valves closed when they are not in use in case a hose breaks.

We can teach you about your home’s inner workings so that when you have a plumbing problem you will understand what you need to do.
Clogged Drains
Leaky Faucets
Septic Tanks
Water Heaters
Jacuzzis & Spas
Pipe Thawing

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